Robert Coulter    Art for the Mind's Eye
About Digital Painting      (Yes, it is painting!)
Digital art takes different forms, and means different things to different people.  I know that many people have trust issues with it.  As a matter of artistic integrity, I stay within what I can honestly call painting, and my software allows me to do that.  The art is my Imaginative playground; the computer provides only the medium with which I enter it.
I paint each image on the computer screen using digital brushes and colours, just as I might on paper or canvas in traditional media.  I start with a blank screen, and no photographs or "computer-generated" images are involved. 
My paintings are one-of-a-kind originals.  I make no reproductions.
Each painting is completed in archival pigmented inks on watercolour paper or on canvas, for a high-quality, permanent image.